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Talonnews.pk has emerged on the Pakistani news websites list in an attempt to make Pakistani, international, sports, business, and Urdu news easily and readily accessible to the public. Apart from that, it will also cater to the public at large looking for entertainment (showbiz updates), and news pieces in technology, science and fiction, political economy and the like. Amongst the few top Pakistani news websites, talonnews.pk intends to cater to a diverse target market. We having something for everyone of all age groups.

With the tagline – ‘Insaaf. Barabari, Aman’ – talon news lives by this motto and ensures that they incorporate this in their lingo. A platform that ensures that the message of equality, justice and peace prevails. To make it all the more accessible, this news website is in the Urdu language, our mother tongue and we should not only use it to our advantage to stay abreast of all that is happening in the world around us but also share it with our friends and family. In this fast-paced and highly informative world, it is very important to keep yourself updated from a credible source.

We intend to be an authentic Pakistani Urdu news website serving the needs of generations to come. Talnnews.pk intends to instil a sense of nationalism and unity amongst the Pakistanis and not just us but anyone who wishes to make use of this highly informative platform.

Talonnews.pk is a perfect platform for Pakistanis residing and locally and internationally to enjoy news in their desired feel of interest at just a click away. Talonnews sports has been the parent company behind talonnews. Incorporated in 1990 as a manufacturer and exporter of Apparel, Sports Garments, sports equipment and the like. Having a sound and credible reputation in the market they are now venturing into the news and entertainment industry.

With a highly friendly user-interface and app version, talonnews.pk can be accessed via desktop or laptop and even mobile phones. With this level of empowerment, talonnews.pk intends to impart the highest level of knowledge to its visitors and ensure that they keep coming back for more. Talonnews.pk is determined to set itself apart from the rest and continue to be your foremost and No.1 choice when it comes to staying updated on the recent happening of the national and international world.

With a well-known and expert team of writers and editors, we ensure top-notch quality and make sure that the news is authenticated. With a strong web presence, talonnews.pk is one of the best Pakistani news websites and is the preferred choice from political enthusiasts to the millennial generation wanting to have a strong grip on the affairs of the state and all that is going on in the world.

After all, knowledge is power! Apart from the ‘markazi page’ it hosts other categories for people browsing to select the category of their choice and have an interesting read. Whether you are a young enthusiast familiarizing yourself with the world of news, entertainment, business and sports or a seasoned professional, rest assured that you have landed on the right place as we have the perfect mix for just about everything.

With the world of internet providing us with an information overload every day, it is important to filter out the important and authentic piece of information from the unnecessary and trivial conversations that circulate over the internet.  With an aim to keep things relevant and up-to-date, this Pakistani Urdu news website is here to stay.