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کورونا کی ویکسین اکتوبر کے آخر تک تیار ہو جائے گی: امریکی دوا ساز کمپنی کا دعویٰ

DETECT LANGUAGEURDUENGLISHSPANISHENGLISHSPANISHARABIC840/5000The US pharmaceutical company says the corona virus vaccine will be ready by the end of October this year.

Albert Borla, CEO of the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, has said that if conditions are right and the vaccine proves to be effective, the vaccine will be available by the end of October. Pfizer is partnering with a German company to develop vaccines in Europe and the United States.

A research company in partnership with Oxford University has also expressed hope that the vaccine will be ready by the end of the year.

According to the news agency, it will be a challenge to prepare a large number of doses after making the vaccine.

 It should be noted that more than 100 laboratories around the world are engaged in the development of corona virus vaccines, of which only 10 have reached the stage of clinical trials so far.

In this regard, experts say that it will not be possible to make a vaccine for corona virus by the end of this year.Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)Get the latest information Send feedbackHistorySavedCommunity

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